Helpful hints and tips when working in the PPP Loan Portal

Helpful hints and tips when working in the PPP Loan Portal

If you’re are having issues with speed when uploading documents:

  • For the best user experience, please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari Web Browsers while using the PPP Loan Origination Portal.


  • If you have already registered and created an account and you are trying to re-enter the Portal, do NOT use the registration link that was in the registration email invitation. That link is ONLY to be used to register and create a new account. To go directly to an existing account, go to

    - Tip:
    Save this URL as a favorite for faster access
  • When you create your account, your User Email Address must match the same one the registration invitation was delivered to or your account will not be created.

    - Tip:
    Only one person is allowed to register for the Portal, and it should be someone who has detailed information about the business.

    After you create your account, you can revisit by going to
    The Registration Link in the email invitation will not work.

Important notes to remember when completing the PPP Loan Details Tab

Adding the NAICS code

All Verification and Financial Statement documents must be uploaded and signed or they will be returned for signature.

  • Verification documents must be signed or the application will be returned to you.

    - For Second Draw PPP Loans greater than $150,000
    , if you are using the same Payroll period to show your business reduction, you are still required to upload supporting documentation, upon application, to prove the 25% or more reduction. 

    - For Second Draw PPP Loans $150,000 or less
    , although the rules say you do not need to provide the lender with verification documents to prove reduction when applying, the SBA is requesting lenders try to collect this upfront. Firstrust highly recommends that you upload this information now, which will save extra steps later on in the process. 

The following are status definitions that will help you track the progress of your application request:

  • Borrower Registered – Borrower has Registered and been provided a UserName (Email Address) and Password for the Portal.
  • Submitted to Lender – Borrower has Completed the Application and Submitted for Lender Review.
  • Under Review – Lender is Reviewing Submitted Application.
  • More Information Needed – Lender has unlocked the Application and returned it to the Borrower for additional information. Please click on the Messages Tab to retrieve additional information that is needed by the Lender.
  • Locked – Lender has locked the borrower from the Application.
  • Submitted to SBA – Application has been Sent to SBA for Approval.
  • Approved in Closing – Application will be Reviewed and prepared for Borrower Signature.
  • Ready for Signature – Closing Documents have been Sent to the Borrower.
  • Closing Documents Signed – Lender has received the Signed Documents.
  • Submitted for Disbursement – Loan has been Closed and is preparing for Disbursement.    
  • Loan Funded – Loan has been Funded.